Wednesday 4 May 2011


The Fleetingest is now sold out. Thank you all for the tasty support. I recommend you go and pick up some of the other Red Ceilings Press books: they're fab. If you're still hungry then there's more appetifs over at Infinite Editions too.

Here's something that didn't make the cut, as they say:


The silhouette falls across the entrance,
rapt Cathy calls out a warning --
this one is a painter but moves
more like an errant detective,
scrapes his mud across the carpet.

Later, Cathy will make
a golem of the

Tracing the steps back, they end
just beneath the lintel – a star
is framed below the right angle.

It's here our man abides
with a fixed stare,
awaiting the cue to
begin the whole process

Cathy's eyes are sensitive.
Her good deeds unreferenced.
Her fear of the coop ecstatic.

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