Sunday 22 May 2011

Nantucket II

Two points, a bearing is at hand; and character is –
there's one of the fiercest, time looming
large on the face – a sounding measure.
The buzz of copper bells, another note is added;
come up to shore and exhaust.

The landscape journal soaked with firm setting
delays. The new signal carries bassoon notes
up to the dome and amongst a nexus of clouds;
context rising through, an air compression.
Be that as it may: who's scuttled overground?


Oh, to write a poem that goes nowhere in particular. Written whilst listening to The Foghorn: A Celebration. 

Thursday 12 May 2011


O to be pleasantly busy with that hot bizness
of poetry or up late; be certain
that colliding verbiage is
WOW! A Good One!
Pinched ideas & let down by gradual
isotropic decay – the perfect radial motion.
Exclusive and a prankster is reciting moments
from a future, transferred and pleasantly backlit; harangue
There are times when the school you've pleasantly adhered or
signed up to is no more than running slow motion through a
pleasantly spooky high-school corridor while the bows rub
against the strings disharmoniously. There are times when it's
all quick cuts to & fro, reverse shots or pleasantly nothing more. 
O I am
fickle and in love with your illustrious tricks. O be so
but pleasantly.

Wednesday 4 May 2011


The Fleetingest is now sold out. Thank you all for the tasty support. I recommend you go and pick up some of the other Red Ceilings Press books: they're fab. If you're still hungry then there's more appetifs over at Infinite Editions too.

Here's something that didn't make the cut, as they say:


The silhouette falls across the entrance,
rapt Cathy calls out a warning --
this one is a painter but moves
more like an errant detective,
scrapes his mud across the carpet.

Later, Cathy will make
a golem of the

Tracing the steps back, they end
just beneath the lintel – a star
is framed below the right angle.

It's here our man abides
with a fixed stare,
awaiting the cue to
begin the whole process

Cathy's eyes are sensitive.
Her good deeds unreferenced.
Her fear of the coop ecstatic.

Monday 2 May 2011

The Fleetingest

My book came out last week. It's my first one and you can get it here.

For JS

& that's the day you became the
toxic-assest hound; un-loud and
present you, marvellous with the
eyes, and conflicts of interest
made hardy by the barriers,
no dialect of exchange shall
shallow these workings,
how you doing this? Bus
ridge melts fixtures to their