Sunday 19 June 2011


I've done a heap of reviews for Rhythm Circus over the past year. It recently dawned on me that I'd not shared them here. It's mostly films: Peter Greenaway, Charlie Chaplin & a few others. There's a review of Alan Moore's Unearthing performance from last year too. You can find it all here.

I also do a lot of reviews for Bonafide magazine, which is a beautifully laid-out hip-hop magazine. You can find them here. The DJ mix that appears halfway down the list is actually nothing to do with me, it does however feature a track from a Mr. Spragga Benz. No relation.

Friday 10 June 2011


by this to mean tout or do not
love so purely as to heave
grand handfuls of the air
in gluttonous quantities.

Assume, & by this time will have been & gone;
all gladly truncated.