Monday 25 July 2011


The fight ensuing and the list,
though grand, is not unassailable.
In scale it is not nothing, a
weight of paper measured to
precise quantities and
everybody can discern a

credit due or time to take and
blandly now to rest.
Home-grown consultancy,
the instruments of wearing
unity, being sounded out daily.
Understand a quarrel
as much as a top offer, be

ready and sailing by and away the mitre.
There's a bulky horizon
and silently placed is the next item
 – bobbing along – not backed
against the corner, but
seeking a sliver of continuity in the

mass of cut vectors.
Worked the full fare; through lack of
contribution but be bright,
a sum of marginal fetter or you
might read it as something else.


A new piece of something bigger, given a weird remake as the line breaks didn't post properly at first. In unrelated news, I was recently put onto this by others, it's Martin Stannard's 'Respondings' & it's fantastic: especially the thoughts on Prynne (p.20 onwards) - we are all pleasantly reminded to enjoy the poems firstly, and worry about meaning as and when it suits.

As so above, also below:

"There is an argument that goes something like: how by saying things the way he 
does, how by not sticking to any regular or even consistent way of saying, then he is resisting 
oppressive systems of discourse, systems that use language to wield their power, or such like. Perhaps
this is so. I tend to think that even laying this down as one way of dealing with the poems is itself a 
pinning down of poems that actually don’t want to be pinned down at all. They rather prefer to release
you from whatever it is ties you down when it comes to words and language and thinking."