Sunday 2 May 2010

On the subject of cooking

At 19 the world was so vibrant and rich
And now at 25 – ah why give a damn?
The tarnish is best sort of stout a remedy
rich with sorrow you chug-belly you gave
it all over to the sharp spirit the buttons
in a matchbox and a collecting glass into
which water drips and you plant chillies
on the balcony and hope the horizon
is still vibrant and rich though hope enough
is enough to make it vibrant and rich you
have chosen the right words to call this
thing by what it is just as we play dress
up daily so the day is dressed to the thing
the words that’s the thing you see the tender
spirit is tender because the words are placed
so no other reason you are not tender because
tender is unique to that instance tender is universal
and multi-form and I am not certain that tender
is tender in your eyes meat is tender it is best
tender and still with its juices almost still warm
but seal the thing and retain its flavour do not
let it grey to obscurity now.

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