Thursday 29 July 2010


Sell the house in the summer,
the light will make it seem free
and joyous.

You can draw back
the blinds,
leave no shadow to chance,
no gloom on the veranda
or the stairs or the landing
or anywhere else –
just a great profusion of multi-sourced
trick them into thinking -

Such space
Such freedom

and all the time
you are just happy to get
the damn thing off your hands.

This is an old poem (3-4 months) - I seem to have edited it down in the process of posting. It was a little too clunky for submitting anywhere, but I feel it needed a home and why not here?

I keep thinking I should transmit some more missives but there isn't much to report or repost at the moment. I do have a poem available at Gulper Eel however.

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