Monday 4 April 2011


it's beginning, for rigour is in all things,
the spark of transit, an arc of electron
decay, wide open tracts with space
for the measuring. A firmament we cannot
all be, and do not all be, but once a guiding
bulb caught ignition and cleared the air
of its thrifty gloom; no way the present
does not move on but stays fixed
like the light.


  1. thank's transience in a nutshell sir

  2. I suppose this is a spring poem really. I love that second line, with its internal rhyme and alliteration.
    Funny how the title invites the reader to scrutinise lines, the syntax, even the punctuation.
    I find myself wondering at the significance of starting the title and first sentence with a lower case letter ('beginning'?), then moving to a traditional initial capital for the second sentence (which underscores that traditional word 'firmament') and - to complete the changes - introducing the final thought not as a third sentence but a new clause after the semi-colon (emphasising 'moving on'?).
    You're a subtle one Andy - too subtle for your own good I guess!

  3. "thrifty gloom" I love it. It's dense and delightful, just like you Andy!